A historical novel and musical by Cynthia Jordan



The year is 1923. The Santa Rita No. 1 has hit the pay in West Texas, and San Angelo is becoming an oil boom town. Prosperity is flowing, and Miss Pearl's Parlor is open for business! Thirteen women have come to work at Miss Pearl's Parlor. How did they get there? What challenges did they have to overcome? Why did they make so much money? Why did they have so much business? 


In 1904, fate has brought Victoria Pearl McDougal to live in the adventurous West Texas frontier. In 1921 she has opened Miss Pearl's Parlor, a profitable business on the Concho River where she has incorporated her experiences working as a courtesan at the famous Everleigh Club in Chicago. Only an elite gentlemanly clientele is allowed at Miss Pearl's Parlor. The historical facts are true and the stories are real. Wait until you read about Suzy Poontang!

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The sequel is finished!

Get ready for a real page turner. The year is 1924. Corsets are out. Freedom is in. Movies are silent and Hollywood is shaping American culture. From coast to coast young girls like Heather Smith dream of becoming a movie star. One day two men shooting a western film near San Angelo, Texas, come to Miss Pearl's Parlor for some fun. Is this Heather's chance to make her dream come true?

Wyatt Earp, Louise Brooks, Fatty Arbuckle, Mae West, Charlie Chaplin, Pickfair, Ziegfeld, Barbara Stanwyck... their stories will astound you. Diamond reminds us that when we remove the glitzy glamour, smoke and mirrors it is our human nature that makes us all the same.